PUA @ 01 April 2012, Comments Off on Questions and Tao of Badass

Have you ever had these experiences before? You felt like you were having a heart attack and you were brought to the hospital but the doctor told you that your problem was anxiety and it has nothing to do with a heart attack. You feel chest pains and you are afraid you might suddenly stop breathing. You do not like going to watch a movie at the cinema, or buying groceries from the supermarket or even fear taking public transportation every time you go to work because you feel uncomfortable in areas like these, areas that are enclosed, places where you cannot easily go out and be free. Driving is hard because you are afraid to stop at red lights, in heavy traffic or a bridge where they seemed enclosed also.

Have you had these physical and emotional symptoms before? You always feel dizzy. You feel breathless and have chest pains. Your heart beats so fast and you feel tingly. You worry too much and have bad thoughts. You are afraid of a lot of things and your anxieties are more than normal.

Have you tried these solutions to panic attacks and anxiety before? Many have tried deep breathing to keep the body and mind relaxed. Positive affirmation and positive thinking helped people with their negative thoughts. Some people think of positive things to avoid the fear they feel or bad thoughts they are thinking about. Medication is also available for those suffering frequent panic attacks and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. There are various books, courses, and programs that psychologists have written.

Have you heard of Tao of Badass before? This program was developed by Josh Pellicer from www.taoofbadassreviewed.org, a man who has suffered from panic attacks and GAD. When he was in college, he did much research, through books of famous psychologists. He recovered from these disorders and has empowered others with the same skills and knowledge to solve these problems also. The program, which includes the 21-7 Techniques, gave people the strength not to be afraid of having panic attacks. Pellicer’s programs breaks the cycle of having anxiety and panic attacks so people suffering from these can go back to their normal lives.

What are you waiting for? You can get this program as a book delivered to your doorstep or downloaded as an E-book from your personal computer. When you order this program, you can start seeing results from the simple and clear techniques presented by Pellicer. As you use it and apply the techniques, your life will get better and better. You can go back to doing your old activities and enjoy life once more. Your life will change and you will be grateful to Pellicer. Do not wait any longer.